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I consider myself an abstract figurative artist. Throughout my career I’ve taken courses to help elevate the practice of portraiture, which I believe has been a fundamental part of my work now. However, as my art has become my own, leaving my subjects faceless has become one of my prominent distinguishing features. Contrary to what many might think, keeping my painting faceless, brings me closer to the paintings. It allows me to always fill in that space with different faces and emotions every time I see it, which creates a creative space that I have come to find most comforting. For the viewer, I want these faceless subjects to encourage them to also fill in the gaps with their own memories and emotions bringing artist and viewer closer through this shared experience. 

Each of my realistic oil paintings depicts one eye by using expressive brushstrokes. I want the eye to be able to convey emotion without needing the entire face in the picture. I try to make the eyes as raw as possible, to give them depth and life, to serve as the epicenter of the painting. Again, by doing so I am encouraging the viewer to fill in those spaces by the emotions evoked by looking into the eye.

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