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About Me


I’m Amina Al-Najdi, I’m a passionate self-taught Kuwaiti artist trying to inspire the world that inspires me.


Art is how I communicate my deepest thoughts and emotions without words.  I find my voice by always using my art as an emotional, therapeutic, and creative outlet. I'm an artist who always seeks to find inspiration everywhere I go, which triggers a sense of urgency to paint and let it all on the canvas. I continuously strive to push my art further. This is seen through the growth marked in my work; constantly evolving, refining, and incorporating novel mediums and techniques. My intention is to always bring my subject to life on the canvas. By doing so I am hoping the viewer has their emotions evoked by a visual experience that can lead to not only an appreciation of the work but a journey through whatever experiences and memories are brought forth. What I paint reflects an appreciation for what I find beautiful and inspiring, and the minute I paint it, it’s able to harness those emotions.



My love for art began at a young age. It allowed me to fully express myself through every line, curve, shape, and color. Over the last few years, I’ve discovered my passion for oil painting, and have since worked on my art independently and continuously. I always find new ways to challenge myself, to produce art that is reflective of not only my aesthetic but my growing skill as an artist.


Nevertheless, you can only learn so much alone, which is why I took two years of private oil painting classes. This became a major steppingstone for my development and has elevated me as an artist. The best thing of all, it has created and continue to create, multiple 

Opportunities for me to showcase my art in local exhibitions (Alhamra luxury center-kuwait and Kuwaiti women’s day), and I was honoured to receive a special invitation from Qatar fine arts association to participate in the gathering for gulf fine arts and represented Kuwait.

Commissioned Work


If you're interested in a bespoke piece created for you, please fill out the form attached to the link below and we'll be in touch

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